By authority of William J. Welch, Treasurer
Conservatives to Elect Bill Welch

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 Maryland’s Libertarian Party has endorsed me – a county native, Army veteran and fiscal conservative – for commissioner, in district 3. Some of you admit that trusting your party to do your thinking has not worked out very well.  Electing me means private sector quality leadership and accountability in county government.

 County job quality stagnated after 2000 because county economic planners ignored real economic signals. County officials mistook the real estate bubble for sustainable growth, and focused on enriching insiders. Public school populations fell, which caused community schools to close, which erodes the tax base. Adding insult to injury, officials then divided the county by blaming the crash of 2008 for results of their policies during the tax windfall years.

 My objectives are, first – to unite Garrett County behind higher paying jobs to save community schools; and second – to improve bottom line results for taxpayers. Success as a business owner, merchant marine master, and construction superintendent prepared me to succeed in the corporate world as a professional analyst, planner and manager. My decisions improved bottom line results at two corporations significantly larger than county government – Simon Pearce, and Emerson’s ClosetMaid division.

 Einstein believed it is insane to do the same thing over and over and expect results to improve. Thinking voters know that recycling former officials -the officials who caused and perpetuated our problems – and then expecting better results is crazy. You can vote for professional management and accountable government, or you can vote for business as usual and an eventual tax nightmare. What you cannot do is have it both ways.

 Your vote for me is a vote to bring Garrett County together behind better jobs, community schools, and fully accountable county government.

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